Chris Kohatsu has a way of making it look easy and impossible to resist.  Having been lucky enough to sit at her table many times over the years, I know her sumptuous meals are an equal match to her grace and graciousness.  If you love your friends, follow Chris’s advice… your friends will thank you for it.

Jason Hanson
Wine Maker & COO, Hanson Vineyards

Without a doubt, Chris Kohatsu radiates comfort, fun and finesse in the kitchen. Chris shares that pure enjoyment of preparing food and entertaining while making each person feel welcome and a part of each meal. When Chris walks into a kitchen or a restaurant, the whole room lights up and this blends into her culinary talent when she cooks for friends and family.

Chef Judi Gallagher
President, Judi Gallagher & Associates

Chris’s amazingly positive energy and infectious good mood turns any everyday encounter into a party.

Principal, EatWell DC

Chris Kohatsu’s recipes are simple, easy-to-follow and absolutely delicious.  I’m excited to cook my way through this book for my family and friends.  They make you want to get in the kitchen with friends and have fun!

Christopher Covelli
Executive Chef, Culinary Creations & Entertainment

There could not be a better title for the book because I know from Chris’s perspective food is nothing without friends to share it with. Her generosity of spirit is evident in every dish she makes and there is a love and a joy that goes into Chris’s food that you can actually taste. I have had the pleasure of enjoying Chris’s delicious food on a few occasions when she has traveled to DC (and cooked for her friends), and as a known food lover I highly encourage people to not only buy the book and try the recipes, but do as Chris does, prepare food as a gift and share it with friends.

Coach Kathy Wilson
Former professional basketball player, coach and motivational speaker

Our senses play such an important role in creating lasting memories.  Some of my most vivid memories include gatherings with friends – old and new – and the aromas and tastes of Chris Kohatsu’s culinary treats. I invite you to dive into Chris’ cookbook and create some special memories of your own with friends and family.  I’m proud to call Chris a good friend and am so pleased she is sharing her special talents with you!

Marie Rudolph
Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of the Military Bowl

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