Day 1: Arrival into Mexico

Day 1: Arrival into Mexico

I have arrived.  And by arrive, I mean I have made it to the home of Jon and Estela Silva, better known as the Mexican Home Cooking School in Tlaxcala, Mexico.

The Guest Suite

Getting here wasn’t exactly the easiest trek.  It started off nice enough, Eric came and picked me up on time and even carried all of my bags for me (thanks sweetness, I love your muscles!)  But after that, it was a little rough.  We had flight delays, crew changes and such.  I even got a groping from the TSA.  As the agent was touching my butt she asked if I preferred to be examined in private?

I thought the major headache was going to be clearing customs, but it turned out to be a piece of cake.  The Mexican Customs patrol are polite, friendly, efficient, and even, helpful.  Unlike previous experiences at JFK or Atlanta, clearing customs this time was a breeze.  Then the chaos began.

I hired a driver to take me to Tlaxcala, which is about a 2.5 hour drive from Mexico City.  The problem is, as soon as you clear customs, there are at least 200 drivers waiting with the general public.  Add the valets to the mix and you’ve got quite the crowd of people.  Customs gives you a free luggage cart while you’re in the secure area, but once you’re cleared, you have to give up the cart.  So me and all of my luggage were left to fend for myself, and I finally gave in and allowed a valet to take my things while I tried to find my driver.

The sitting area inside my room

After 20 minutes I accepted he wasn’t there and called.  My phone was dying.  Just before my phone cut off, I spotted a bar.  Beer makes everything better, right?  So I told him to meet me there.  I’m not sure why there was such confusion afterwards, but he couldn’t find the bar and I was left to continue drinking.

By the time we did meet up, I was on my fourth beer and let’s just say all was forgiven.  I slept the entire ride to Tlaxcala.

Jon and Estela are treating me to breakfast this morning, then my work in the kitchen begins.  I can’t wait to get started!

Ingredients in Estela's kitchen


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