Celebrating Summer Vegetables

Celebrating Summer Vegetables

Cilantro, avocado, garlic and lime

My goodness, I do love Summer vegetables!  On the grill, in a salad, or lightly sauteed — I can’t seem to get my fill.  This week I have not one, but three recipes to share with you, all of which feature delightful vegetables of the sunny season. 

The first comes via my dear friend Michelle, who made the most sumptuous Pink Vegetable Lasagna on Sunday night.  Rather than use two sauces, Bechamel and Marinara, she created a pink sauce, a delightful mixture of the two — and the tangy, rich tomato cream danced with two types of squashes, baby spinach, sweet onions, a mire poux medley and lots of melted cheese.

Skirt Steak Torta - fabulous!

The second comes from the fabulous Rick Bayless who has a wonderful skirt steak torta recipe.  In his recipe, he says you can choose to grill skirt steak or zucchini — honestly, I like both, so I grilled both and pressed them together into a savory torta.  Topped with avocado cilantro mayonnaise, cumin flavored black beans and spicy chipotle sauce, it was by far one of the best meals of the season.

Finally, I share my recipe for Summer Fennel with Lemon and Braised Chicken.  This is such a simple and light dish, because the flavors are zesty and bright. When paired with pearls of cous-cous or a cucumber salad, it creates a very welcoming plate.  Something that says come and stay for awhile.  And that’s exactly what Summer is.  Happy Eating.

  1. Michelle’s Pink Vegetable Lasagna

    Michelle's Pink Vegetable Lasagna



  1. Great post! Im always looking for new ways to make use of all the delicious, inexpensive, summer veggies and these look like great recipes! I think I’ll try the lasagna tonight!

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