Photography and Design by Stephanie Cameron

Photography and Design by Stephanie Cameron

When Stephanie started posting pictures of food made in her home kitchen, I was excited to flip through her album.  Every picture was carefully thought out, from the plate environment, to the garnish and the balance of colors.  What else could be expected from someone like Steph?

Stephanie Cameron is a muralist, model maker, sculpter, painter and photographer.  A student trained in classical fine arts (concentrated in painting) she’s spent the better part of the past two decades honing her digital skills in graphic design, website work and photography.  She’s the Marketing Manager of Createasphere, a wife, mother, friend to many, and I’m also very happy to say, the designer and photographer of my cookbook.

If you follow any of Stephanie’s work, the common thread weaving through her pieces is a strong sense of commitment, dedication, practice and patience.  In fact, the best word to describe her artistic process is: discipline.  “You’ve got to be disciplined as an artist,” Steph says, “to keep working every day, honing your skills, improving your technique, expressing what you visualize and sharing that with others.”

She is married to an artist, visual effects specialist D. Walt Cameron, and the couple raise their two children in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  While holding down a full-time career (and managing to create family supper every night) Stephanie also disciplines herself to work on art every day.  Currently, her focus is on food photography, which makes her such a great fit for my book.

Steph and I have put our heads together to create images and scenes of food with feeling.  We want visuals that inspire, inform and most of all, encourage.  While the pictures from the cookbook aren’t yet ready for release, you can take a look at some of the photos Stephanie created with her family here.

“Balancing the subject with emotion,” says Stephanie, “creating and stirring emotions, that’s what art is, and that’s what I’m excited to create.” 

Me too, Stephanie, me too.  I can’t wait to release our work to the world!



  1. Stephanie, YOU ARE AWESOME….we are so proud of you, lots of love , mamyte


  1. […] call with my book team.  As previously mentioned, the photography for my book is provided by Stephanie Cameron.  If you like what you’ve seen so far, just wait for the food shots…  they are […]

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