Writing a Cookbook: Against the Odds

Writing a Cookbook: Against the Odds

There are hundreds of reasons NOT to write a cookbook.  Among the top deterrents:

  • You need to be a celebrity (or married to one)
  • You should be associated with a restaurant
  • You must have plenty of exposure
  • You should come with a product

Of all the reasons not to write a cookbook, I can’t seem to find anything that relates to understanding food or cooking abilities.

Cookbooks are big business.  A handful of select publishers own the majority of the market, churning out cookbooks that are bought everyday by the masses.  If you’re interested in writing a cookbook, you spend the better part of a year writing a book proposal and the publisher spends the better part of another year reviewing your proposal.  You would likely do the same searching for an agent.  If you’re lucky enough to get an offer, the publisher will tell you what to write, then direct the book, its theme, design and layout.  You might get an advance, you might not.  You might be a hit, you might not.  That’s the cookbook process in a nutshell.

Looking at the process is discouraging, to say the least.  It’s daunting, it’s monstrous and it’s setup for people like me to get rejected.  But just because I’m unable to complete this process, does that mean I should stop writing?  Certainly not.

My thanks to Alison Scutte for this pic!

Like so many other people, I’m hopeful at the prospect of self publishing.  I love the idea of putting myself in the driver’s seat and seeing a project to completion.  I am thrilled to be involved in a true labor of love, and thankfully, I’m not doing this alone.

For almost a decade, I have been collecting and writing recipes, simply because I’ve wanted to publish them.  Some of the recipes are posted here, most have been experimented with for various parties and events (my friends are great as a test kitchen) and several recipes have yet to be completed.  With each recipe there is a story, many happy memories, a few adventures and plenty of laughs.

Is this the type of book that’s appealing to a publisher?  Probably not.  It would likely be seen as a collection of personal experiences woven through a close knit circle of friends.  Not likely to have mass appeal. 

But through my eyes,  it’s a gift I’d like to give to my friends, a joy I want to share with my Facebook and Twitter followers and a personal project I want to accomplish for myself.  So, dear friends, a cookbook by yours truly is forth coming.  And I can’t wait to release it.  Right here.  Stay tuned.

Cheers to Something Exciting!



  1. Nenette says:

    We love recipes with low calories & fats, coz’ I’m tryin’ to cut down on fats, I don’t wanna gain weigh! so yucky & gross to look at……….

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