Dinner with an Iron Chef: Masaharu Morimoto in Chicago

Dinner with an Iron Chef: Masaharu Morimoto in Chicago

Chef Ming Tsai with Chef Morimoto

When Takashi Restaurant announced an evening with Masaharu Morimoto, reservations to the tiny Chicago ramen house filled in less than an hour.  The author, restauranteur and Iron Chef superstar teamed up with his friend and colleague, Takashi Yagihashi to offer a five-course tasting menu featuring signature Morimoto dishes.  With every seat in the restaurant taken and a wait-list filled, Kathy (Yagihashi’s wife and restaurant manager) offered me a humble seat at the bar.  As it turned out, it was the best possible seat in the house.

Morimoto chose to spend the evening away from the kitchen, allowing Yagihashi to serve as chef.  Seated next to me while sipping on his own beer, he shared his thoughts on cooking, running a business and the future of global cuisine.  Yagihashi, along with dinner guest Chef Ming Tsai, joined the conversation.

[Read Q & A with Iron Chef Morimoto and Chef Yagihashi (Part 2) here]

“Hey,” Morimoto says to Tsai, “you need to buy my book.”

Chef Tsai caught in the kitchen

“Buy my book my ass,” replies Tsai, “I think my recipes are in your book.”

With that, Tsai gets up, enters the kitchen and comes out wearing a Japanese apron.  He holds a towel in his hand and announces that he’s going from Chinese food to Japanese.  Morimoto then ties a towel around Tsai’s head and tells him to get to work.

“Everyone,” announces Tsai, “free dinner tonight — and for the rest of the week!”

The restaurant erupts in laughter and applause.

Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s Tasting Menu at Takashi Restaurant

Amuse Bouche

Morimoto's Tuna Pizza

Tuna PizzaBig Eye Tuna, Anchovy Aioli

Second Course
Bocconcini de Buffalo SashimiProsciutto, Scallops, Salmon and Octopus

Third Course
Foie Gras Chawanmushi Wasabi, Seared Foie Gras, Soy-Dashi

Fourth Course
Angry ChickenMorimoto’s Tandoori Chicken, Curried Lentils, Crispy Rice Noodles

Fifth Course
Pork KakuniBraised Pork Belly, Scallop Congee, Crispy Burdock

Sugared Salmon with Beet Sorbet, Kobosu Creme Brulee, Asparagus Pocky

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