Counting Down to Cookie Season

Counting Down to Cookie Season

Forget the turkeys, stuffing and cranberries — right now, all I can think about are cookies.  As soon as Thanksgiving is over, I declare Cookie Season as officially open!  Cookies are amazing jewels of the kitchen. . . soft, chewy, sweet, crispy, savory, crunchy, cake-like — it doesn’t matter what type of cookie, I like them all! 

I find that I enjoy making cookies just as much as eating them.  Strange as it may seem, I put a lot of thought, energy and effort into every cookie I make.  I suppose this is why sharing cookies with friends is something I cherish.  I have been known to fill boxes with a variety of cookies, organize cookie swaps, or simply wrap a few in parchment paper and tie with a pretty bow — whatever the case, I love giving the gift of freshly made cookies!

My approach to making great cookies is pretty straight forward: give yourself plenty of time.  This means ensuring all ingredients are at room temperature and that I’ve read the recipe at least four or five times.  I always take dairy items like eggs and butter out of the refrigerator early, then bring them to room temperature.  I read and re-read each recipe to ensure that no steps are missed.  I pre-heat my oven so it’s nice and hot and factor in extra or less time especially if the door was opened.

I always use parchment paper or silpat mats when baking cookies, and prefer not to place raw dough on a bare cookie sheet.  I also own multiple sizes of portion scoops as I love uniformity in cookies.  I find that stackable cooling racks are great for multiple batches of cookies, and I summon up all the will power I have to resist trying one before it’s cooled properly.

This cookie season, I’ll be sharing my favorite recipes on my Facebook Page and I hope others will do the same.  Whether you’re shopping, decorating or simply spending time with friends and family, I hope your holiday time includes a delicious, handmade cookie.  Or two!



  1. Yummy! Great article. Please invite me to a “cookie swap” – that sounds awesome.

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