Running in the Windy City

Yesterday, I received an email stating Conde Nast Traveler was interested in featuring my video on the Hotel Palomar in Chicago. I was so happy to respond that absolutely – yes! – they could reference my work.

My video starts with the most unique feature about the hotel: running with the assistant general manager, Amanda Parsons.  If you’re a guest at the hotel and would like time to exercise, or, perhaps you just want to see Chicago, you can sign-up at the front desk for an escorted run.  Amanda is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and she happily runs, jogs or walks at whatever pace you’d like.  She has knowledge of the best paths and routes to run and you get some amazing views while completing your exercise regimen.

Now, I like to exercise, but I’m nowhere near anything resembling a runner.  I’ll be honest, the only cardio I do is on a machine in the gym.  But getting the chance to step outside, see the city, and doing it with Amanda (who made the whole experience fun and worthwhile) well, it’s definitely something I’d love to do again!

I really like the idea of having exercise so easily built into your travel experience.  Let’s face it, exercise can be a challenge when you’re on the road, but it’s made so much easier when your hotel is encouraging (and accompanying) you to do it.  As CNT tweeted: “Segways are sooo 2009!”

On a separate note, I need to mention that I got the chance to stay in Chicago at another fabulous property, the Hotel Allegro.  Be sure to check out my video review of the hotel.

Big thanks to Conde Nast Traveler for promoting my work; to Jennifer, Leslie, Amanda and Diana who encouraged me to participate in the run; and especially to Kimpton Hotels for hosting such a wonderful guest service!


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