The Un-Friendly Skies

I think I had one of the worst travel experiences ever.  I flew from Atlanta to Paris on a 767, so the cabin configuration was two seats – aisle – three seats – aisle – two seats.  I was a window seat in a two seat arrangement.

Now, before we boarded the aircraft, the gate agent clearly announced that we were embarking on a full flight, that carry-on baggage would be limited, and please do not stick your coats in the overhead bin as space was at a premium.

I get to my seat and find that the person sitting next to me is a 300 pound man.  Not only has he hijacked the overhead compartment (with THREE carry-ons, he has two coats in another bin!)  So I had to go looking for space.

As soon as we took-off, my neighbor feel asleep – and began snoring LOUDLY.  So loud that the little girls a few rows away from us started crying because it scared them.

Then the meal came, and it was “Mexican” themed, meaning it was chicken, beans and rice.  Before I knew it, not only was he snoring but flatuating too!  The man had terrible gas!!!

To make things worse, he couldn’t fit in his seat.  He spilled over into my “area.”  And needless to say, I couldn’t sleep.  I don’t like being touched by strangers, and I certainly don’t like the sounds of gargling when I sleep.  Ugh!  Terrible.

On a happier note, I caught the sympathy of a fellow flier who saw everything that was going on.  He was extremely sympathetic and even passed me a note saying so.  Too cute!



  1. Fat and farting, what a lovely combination. Thankfully it was just a few hours.

    Perhaps write a letter to the airline expressing your displeasure. You won’t get your ticket refunded but you will probably get a voucher for future flight.

    Enjoy Paris, it’s lovely. Post lots of pics please.

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