Best Breakfast in Chicago

I just cut and released my latest video from Chicago: Ann Sather’s Restaurant

I ventured upon this establishment based on recommendations from friends.  Little did I know that I was stepping into a local treasure!  This small and cozy restaurant has been a part of Chicago for over 50 years.  The original Ann Sather restaurant was established in the “Wrigley-ville” area, which back in the 1950’s, was a Swedish neighborhood.  The restaurant’s namesake, used her Swedish heritage to influence the menu.

The restaurant was purchased years later by Tom Tunney, a culinary school graduate and Chicago native.  Under his leadership, the restaurant opened three additional locations all within city boundaries.  Today, Tom not only serves as a representative for the small business community, but as a public servant, being elected to the position of Alderman for his ward.  It was Tom who told me the correct way to pronounce the name “SAY-thur” even though all the locals say it otherwise. 

The restaurant remains true to it’s Swedish roots.  Egg flavored pancakes and fluffy heart shaped waffles fly out of the kitchen.  Every table receives an order of freshly baked cinnamon rolls.  The friendliest servers and management team greet every customer.  And on the weekends, you can catch glimpses of the Alderman cooking in the kitchen or stopping by tables to say hello.  What a wonderful way to start a morning!


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